Willow Weep For Me (Sheet Music for Big Band)

Willow Weep For Me (Sheet Music for Big Band)

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Big Band arrangement of one of the all time great standards. After a solo piano introduction the lyrical melody played by the 1st tenor sax is combined with an underlying 6/4 jazz swing backing from the rhythm section, with the full band joining on the second chorus. Open 12-bar sequence has written solos for flute and trombone before the brass and saxes return, building to a driving forte ending. Top note high C for lead trumpet.

Big band charts with individual parts written for: 8 brass (ie 4 trumpets, 4 trombones) 5 saxophones (ie 2 alto, 2 tenor, baritone) 4 rhythm (ie keyboards, guitar, bass, drums)
Key: Bb
Level: Intermediate
Written by: Ann Ronell

Listen to a MP3 sample track of the chart.

These big band charts have been produced by professional arrangers with wide experience of directing student and rehearsal bands. Scores and parts are printed not manuscript and come with comprehensive dynamic markings and written out playable jazz solos about UK Grade 5 plus chord symbols. Charts are scored for 8 brass, 5 saxes and 4 rhythm, and will also work with reduced instrumentation of 2 tenor, 2 trumpets, trombone and 3 rhythm.
Whether you are looking for music for the limited instrumentation of a recently formed school ensemble, for an intermediate standard student band, or something really challenging for an experienced rehearsal band, the Stateside Collection of big band arrangements provides professionally arranged charts of the highest standard.