Walter Grassman: Big Band Drumming

Walter Grassman: Big Band Drumming

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Big Band Drumming – A Comprehensive Guide For Drummers is a concise and easy-to-understand method book for all types of students and pros. Written by the Austrian drummer Walter Grassmann, you will learn how to play expressive big-band drumming fills from the clear explanations and recorded examples.


Upon reading Walter Grassmann’s new book, I could only think: “This is the book I wish I had written.” It is the ultimate collection and teaching tool regarding big band fills and set-ups. I recommend it to all instructors and students of the art of playing ensemble music - Peter Erskine, drummer and author of Essential Drum Fills


 Beginners and experienced drummers alike will get a solid workout and develop real 'big band chops' using this book; you do have to have had some experience playing in a big band style - and the opportunity to use the material - to get the most out of it.

 The book includes two play along CDs with 143 tracks, recorded with a live big band, so you can hear how the fills are used in a real situation. The fills in the book have been divided into easy and hard levels. The play alongs are divided into different tempoes (bpm 80/120/190/260 - one bar phrases / two bar phrases / four bar phrases).

 You will read detailed explanations about the fills and how to use these and phrase them correctly. Also, the book includes examples of different drum notation, to show you how various arrangers write Big Band drum parts.


Book/2CDs, 116 pages