Walt Weiskopf: Beyond The Horn

Walt Weiskopf: Beyond The Horn

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NEW from the author of the popular 'Around the Horn'

Beyond the Horn is the sequel to 'Around the Horn', written expressly for the intermediate/advanced improviser on any treble clef instrument, looking to 'open up' his/her sound with wider intervals. The book begins with a 12 key review of major modes as arpeggios, then moves on to wider intervals (3rds, 5ths, 6ths and 10ths then finally 'octave displacement'), freeing up your technique and strengthening your ear. Twenty etudes based on modal and standard jazz tune progressions are presented demonstrating this octave displacement method.

The 'Illustrated Index' provides a short-cut to see which pages to refer to for specific exercises, as well as a list of the etudes and what they cover.

Written for treble clef instruments, although best suited to saxophonists in terms of range.

Book, 246 pages

"...well written, easy to read... every saxophone player should have it. This book gets a 10 out of 10." - Eric D, jazz-sax.com