Trent Kynaston: The Saxophone Intonation Workbook

Trent Kynaston: The Saxophone Intonation Workbook

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The Saxophone Intonation Workbook fills an important gap in saxophone playing pedagogy - a complete approach to saxophone sound that actually shows you 'what the pros do' to develop the best, 'in-tune' tone. The accompanying CD of long tones performed by Trent on alto and tenor, will give you a solid, professional tone to aim for and ultimately get you to your own personal sound faster.

Trent's book and CD will give you the steps to producing your best personal sound, with the correct physical approaches to embouchure and breathing, an advanced methodology of long tones and challenging etudes that really make you listen and improve your tone.

If you are serious about building your best tone possible on your horn, this is the book/cd for you.

Bk/CD, 54 pages

Trent Kynaston is Professor of Music at Western Michigan University and has written a number of seminal books for saxophonists everywhere, including 'Daily Studies for All Saxophones', 'Circular Breathing', as well as 'The Blues - Alto Sax Solos'.