Transcribe! 8 for Windows

Transcribe! 8 for Windows

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Transcribe! enables anyone to work out music by ear because it lets you slow music down to 5% of the original recording's speed without altering pitch. Import a sound file (mp3, wav, aac, etc) and you can then set markers, loop sections or jump to any section using keyboard shortcuts or mouse. For anyone who wants to learn or transcribe new music this is an absolute godsend. Endorsed by Pat Metheny, Mike Brecker and hundreds of Sendmemusic customers.

  I use 'Transcribe!' - it's a great piece of software...I recommend it to every musician - Michael Brecker

  An amazing tool for musicians - Pat Metheny

YES! Let me try Transcribe! free for 30 days - CLICK TO DOWNLOAD NOW
Yes, you can try the latest, full version of Transcribe! for Windows free for 30 days right now. Simply download the free trial direct from the developer Seventh String to enjoy using Transcribe! absolutely free for 30 days.

After this period, pay only USD$39 plus VAT for a license key which allows you to use Transcribe! beyond 30 days, or buy the CD-ROM version by clicking 'ADD TO CART' above.

To purchase Transcribe! on CD-Rom from Sendmemusic (including registration key), click 'ADD TO CART' above.

  This slick piece of code converts any mp3 or audio file into a digital waveform that can be manipulated in a variety of ways. The program’s best attribute is that its slowed down audio, though not perfect, is extremely clear at half-speed. - Jude Gold, Guitar Player

Screenshot of Transcribe! for Windows

Screenshot of Transcribe! for Windows

What Transcribe! doesn't do
Please note: Transcribe! is a software assistant for transcribers. It does not output musical notation or midi. It reads and plays audio files, but it does not modify them.

System Requirements
Transcribe! doesn't require special hardware to run, just a sound card (which most computers have installed). Transcribe! works on Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7.

Why buy Transcribe! as a CD-Rom?
If you buy the CD-Rom version you will receive the disk, license key and install instructions as a package which you can keep safe for future reference.

Can I install my copy of Transcribe! on a second computer?
The license agreement permits you to install Transcribe! on two computers as long as the software is for your exclusive use on both of them. Please bear in mind that both computers would need to be using the same operating system for the license key to work.