Tommy Emmanuel: Emmanuel Labor (DVD)

Tommy Emmanuel: Emmanuel Labor (DVD)

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Emmanuel Labor provides a personal, one-on-one setting in which not only music aficionados can enjoy performances of some of Tommy?™s best-loved tunes, but also offers guitar players instruction by one of the world?™s best. Tommy Emmanuel, fingerstyle master and performer, shares his personal insight and technique to sixteen tunes. Pieces shown include cuts from his albums Only, Endless Road and The Mystery.

Tunes :
Luttrell; Timberlake Road; Drive Time; Mombasa; Those Who Wait; Train to Dusseldorf (from 'Only')
Angelina; Endless Road; The Man with the Green Thumb; Old Town; Tall Fiddler (from 'Endless Road')
The Mystery; Gameshow Rag Cannonball Rag; Diggers' Waltz; Lewis and Clark; Antonella's Birthday (from 'The Mystery')

As a bonus feature on the DVD a few sections are slowed down, with no compromise in pitch or video, to better see the exact execution that Tommy uses.

DVD, 166 minutes