Tim Richards: Exploring Jazz Piano Vol. 2

Tim Richards: Exploring Jazz Piano Vol. 2

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Exploring Jazz Piano Volume 2 picks up from where Volume One left off and deals with more complex and colourful harmony, from suspended fourth, eleventh and thirteenth chords to diminished and altered scales. Advanced voicing and improvisation techniques are examined in detail.


The following topics are included:


Quartal harmony, modal improvisation, long and short ii V7 patterns, altered dominant chords, polychords, stride piano, Bossa Nova clave and Partido Alto, Lydian and Locrian modes, how to make scales swing, building bebop lines, R235 patterns, the b3 pentatonic scale, Rhythm changes, turnarounds, minor iiV7s, playing in 3/4 time, playing in double-time, tension and release, transcribing, practice routines.


32 pieces by the author appear alongside special arrangements of well-known jazz standards, including Beautiful Love, Blue Bossa, Blue In Green, Caravan, Impressions, Ladybird, Misty, Softly As In A Morning Sunrise, Summertime, Tune Up and Yesterdays. Also included are transcribed solos by Oscar Peterson, Wynton Kelly and Hampton Hawes. The accompanying CD features 46 tracks, including all the pieces and many of the exercises. Excellent value and the text to take you to the next level.


green quote imageThere's little that comes close in terms of practicality of approach." - Brian Priestley, Sendmemusic

green quote imageMeticulously researched, well-structured and stimulating... .These [Tim Richard's books] demand to be in the library of every music department that teaches jazz and will be invaluable for any student wanting to understand and develop playing skills..." - Hugh Johns, Times Educational Supplement

green quote imageThe jazz process has been uncovered in the most comprehensive and welcoming way. Clear-cut, informative and easy to use, Tim Richards has given all comers to this music a way in - go and buy it." - Julian Joseph

green quote image"One of the most detailed studies of modern jazz piano I have come across... a very strong foundation [for a keen student] to build their own style and ideas." - Huw White (3rd year student on Royal Academy jazz course) - Jazz UK

Book/CD, 275 pages