The Jazz Masterclass Series From NYU: Clark Terry

The Jazz Masterclass Series From NYU: Clark Terry

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Clark Terry, a legend jazz trumpeter is known as a headliner at the world's premier jazz events, a TV personality featured on US tv and one of jazz's finest educators.In 1951 Clark joined Duke Ellington's orchestra as a featured soloist for eight years. He was also the first black musician on the NBC payroll as a spotlighted player in the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It was at this time Clark had a smash hit featuring Mr. Mumbles. You will see in the Master Class video Clark gives us a very amusing segment of Mr. Mumbles. Clark is known for his great technical virtuosity, swinging lyricism and his gift as a wonderful dramatist whose musical style leave an audience thoroughly delighted.

You'll observe learning taking place, and come to understand how Clark thinks, performs and teaches jazz. This DVD was recorded November 28th, 2004, at the Center for Jewish History, New York City.

DVD, Region 0, 139 minutes

The NYU Jazz Master Class Series
Developed by David Schroeder, director of NYU Jazz Studies in the Steinhardt School, the Jazz Master Class Series nurtures relationships between aspiring jazz performers in Steinhardt and significant jazz artists. The program consists of artist performances and interviews; NYU Jazz Studies master student performances with critiques by the artists are followed by a jam session.