The Herb Ellis Jazz Guitar Method: All The Shapes You Are

The Herb Ellis Jazz Guitar Method: All The Shapes You Are

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Herb Ellis, renowned for his guitar playing with the legendary Oscar Peterson Trio and vocalist Ella Fitzgerald, was a master of the swing-to-bop style of guitar playing. His hard-swinging style was steeped in the blues but he was equally adept at playing over more demanding chord progressions.


The 3-volume Herb Ellis Jazz Guitar Method is designed to take the mystery out of playing jazz guitar. Each book is based on one of the three pivotal chord progressions in the jazz guitarist's repertoire.

This book focuses on the chord progression of “All The Things You Are”. Herb suggests the most appropriate chords for comping. He teaches single-note improvisation through a system of simple "shapes" that are derived from chord fingerings and shows how to connect an improvised line from one chord to the next. All the soloing examples are typical Herb Ellis swinging phrases that are easy to play but which sound great.

Notation, tablature and chord diagrams are included. All examples are performed on the CD by Terry Holmes.

Book/CD, 48 pages