Ted Pease: Jazz Composition - Theory And Practice

Ted Pease: Jazz Composition - Theory And Practice

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A culmination of Professor Ted Pease's twenty-five years of teaching jazz composition at Berklee College of Music, this fully comprehensive guide covers all aspects of writing effective and inventive Jazz compositions.

The book presents a series of jazz composition exercises which will help students develop writing skills and apply melodic, harmonic, and rhythmic concepts to the blues, song form, episodic composition, and multi-movement jazz works. It covers a wide range of styles from the blues to fusion and beyond.

Topics include:
¢ Creating melodies using intervallic patterns, guide tone lines, compound lines, antecedent/consequent phrasing and melodic tension, pitch contour;
¢ All aspects of tonal and modal harmony including inversions, pedal points, reharmonisation, slash chords, modulation, quartal harmony;
¢ Elements of form including intros, endings, interludes and backgrounds;
¢ Applying knowledge to any kind of soloist or ensemble, from saxophone to big band.
¢ Arranging considerations, motivic composition, and fusion.

Each chapter concludes with an extensive list of related jazz compositions and other source material. The CD includes over 70 minutes of music examples from the book, including a listening tour of an entire extended Jazz work.

Book/CD, 238 pages