Ted Greene: Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volume 2

Ted Greene: Jazz Guitar Single Note Soloing Volume 2

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One of the most respected approaches to playing jazz guitar ever written with special emphasis on playing through chord changes and developing rich melody lines.  Not only does Greene provide much useful information and explain many important techniques and approaches, he also explains how to use and incorporate them into real playing, by talking about rhythm and phrasing, slurring and embellishment.

Scales (including diminished, whole tone and harmonic and melodic minor) and arpeggios are fully discussed, along with how to play over fast changes and how to 'make the changes' in standard tunes. Importantly, the book repeatedly explains how to apply the concepts to the "real world" by way of many musical examples, therefore providing the reader with an actual demonstration of the discussed techniques and topics.

If you could only choose one book on jazz scales for guitar, this is the one.

Book, 132 pages