Steve Laffy: The Really Easy Way To Play The Drums

Steve Laffy: The Really Easy Way To Play The Drums

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Steve Laffy: The Really Easy Way To Play The Drums is The Best Drum Tutor Ever, written for the beginner, or the experienced drummer who has not yet mastered reading drum notation. The book/CD contains all the information you need to learn the basics of playing drums, including the right posture & the correct grip and is prefaced with an excellent outline and checklist of the skills you will accomplish from using this book.

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first three pages of Steve Laffy's book The really easy way to play drums
Chapters include:
Easy drum notes - Adding the bass drum - Around the kit - Your first drum piece - The first drum beat
The real rock beat - The beat and the fill - Fill It Up - Rock It - Some more signs - Funky bass drum beats
Parts of 1/16th notes - More parts of 1/16th notes - More beats and fills - Play Away - Two hands together
1/16th notes with the first beat on the toms - Using both hands and both feet - 3:4 Time signature - More in 3:4
The rumba beat - Rocking Rumba - 1/8th note triplets - Shuffle - 1/16th note hi hat beat
... and finally, Show Time - a recorded piece that the student can play along with, utilising all s/he has learned.

You will get:
> Guaranteed results
> Clear simple, easy-to-read notation
> A progress chart to fill in
> Every exercise demonstrated on the CD
> Rock 8s and 16s, basic Latin, Shuffle, Rumba and 12/8 styles
> Full band rock chart to finish with, then the same track with drums removed, so you can play along with it

Bk/CD, 27 pages

"Excellent tutor for beginners & intermediate students. Steve has found a unique way of communicating the importance of musical notation to the young student, which will help them overcome the difficulties of rhythmic independence." - Colin Wilkinson, freelance drummer and teacher at The Music Co., Watford.

"Very good, well mapped out, nice and easy to read. Very cool!" - Steve Washington, teacher and drummer for Take That, Texas and other international bands.