Steve Laffy: The Easy Way To Advance Your Drumming

Steve Laffy: The Easy Way To Advance Your Drumming

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Steve Laffy: The Easy Way To Advance Your Drummingis for the drummer who has already progressed from a beginner and has decided to become a good (or even exceptional) player rather than a basic drummer. The book/CD covers stroke rolls, drum fills, syncopated beats within 16th note rhythms, aparadiddles, 8th note triplets and reading from charts. It is prefaced with an excellent outline and checklist of the skills you will accomplish from using this book.

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Chapters include:
Tips on practicing -Tips on tuning & drum care
Feet playing eighths - Give it a rest mate - Leave it out - Roll with it - Groovin' in the gap
It's a drag (and a flam and a ruff) - Press on with a press roll - Tom, use your head
Syncopated sixteenths - 1/16th bass drum variations - Opening time - Spare me a quarter
Playing with Paradiddles - Bossa Nova Beat - Triplet tricks - Get into the swing thing
... and finally, four recorded pieces that the student can play along with, utilising all he has learned :Chucca Rock - Be nice to the Bossa - Funky Socks - A Swing and a Prayer

You get:
> Guaranteed results
> Clear simple, easy-to-read notation
> A Progress chart to fill in and track your success
> Every exercise demonstrated on the CD
> Triplets, bossa, rock and swing feels
> Four different recorded pieces, in different styles, so you can play along, utilising all you've learned in the book.

Bk/CD, 43 pages

"This book helps students to be self motivated and to develop their own style. It takes the mystery out of the rudiments. I love it... it's great." - Sam Kelly, (international drummer and educator), voted UK Blues Drummer of the Year for 5 years.