Shelton Berg: Alfred's Essentials of Jazz Theory Complete (3 books in 1)

Shelton Berg: Alfred's Essentials of Jazz Theory Complete (3 books in 1)

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Alfred's Essentials of Jazz Theory is designed for jazz enthusiasts, music students and musicians who want to learn a wide range of jazz concepts and terminology in a logical sequence, with review materials to check understanding.

This Complete edition combines all 3 books into one 18 unit (75 lesson) omnibus. The 3 accompanying CDs address both written and music reading exercises, plus ear-training and listening examples. Each unit concludes with a review section. An Essentials of Jazz TheoryTeacher's Key Book with worked examples and answers is also available.

Lesson topics include:

Book 1 - Lessons 1-25
Basic Elements; Swing Feel; Syncopation; Major Scales, Triads, Seventh Chords; Major Scale modes; 9th Scales and Chords; V7 Resolutions, V7-I Voice Leading; Dominant Scales, Chords; Blues Scales, Chords, Progressions, 12-bar Blues.

Book 2 - Lessons 26-50
Counterpoint Bass and Melody; Walking Basslines; Comping, Comp Rhythms; Brazilian Basslines; Minor 7th and 9th Chord Inversions; Supertonic Functions; iim7-V7 Progression, Licks; Jazz Language, Triplet Arpeggios and Dominant Bebop Licks; Passing Minor Chords; IV Chord, ii-V7 turnaround to IV; Altered Dominant Scales, Chords; Diminished Harmony; Turnbacks; AABA Song Form; Bop Scales, Chromatic Leading Notes; Enclosures.

Book 3 - Lessons 51-75
Melodic Soloing and Sequencing; Afro-Cuban Jazz Rhythms; Drop-Two Voicings; Minor 11th Chords, Minor Scales, Turnarounds; Half Diminished Scale, Harmonic Minor keys; Turnarounds in Minor Keys; Backdoor Cadence; Altered Dominant Chords, Licks; ABAC Song Form; Slash Chords.

Bk/3CDs, spiral bound, 119 pages