Santorella: Know Before You Blow - Modes for Trumpet

Santorella: Know Before You Blow - Modes for Trumpet

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Santorella's series 'Know Before You Blow' is designed to help jazz musicians who want to practise ('woodshed') the seven major scale modes of Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian and Locrian, with a swingin studio pro rhythm section. The series has been written by noted jazz improvisers Emile and Laura De Cosmo & Chris Tedesco, who individually have published many leading chord theory workbooks.

All seven modes are clearly presented in all 12 keys. A list of compatible chords is given with each mode, so that you can explore the sound of the modes in various harmonic settings.

What sets this book & CD set apart is the opportunity for 'trading 4s' (ie you hear 4 bars played, then you play 4 bars) - you get to imitate the modal jazz licks performed by top LA studio musicians. Not only do you hear and see what is being played, but you can easily copy the articulation, phrasing and dynamics of the licks in all 12 keys, for immediate use in your own soloing.

There are four tracks for each of the seven modes:
Track #1 is the first 'trading 4s' track. Each mode is played through the cycle of fifths with a rhythm section at medium pace. You listen to 4 bars worth, then play the 4 bars back, listen then play etc through the cycle;
Tracks #2 & #3 feature Chris Tedesco improvising using the scales, trading 4s through the cycle again - he plays 4, you can copy his 4 or improvise you're own line;
Track #4 is the rhythm section only, for you to practise and improvise completely.

All books in the series can be used together for ensemble practice too.

Use this book & CD to woodshed modes and add some fun and enjoyment to your practice sessions!

Book/CD, 32 pages