Sammy Nestico: The Complete Arranger Special Hardback Edition

Sammy Nestico: The Complete Arranger Special Hardback Edition

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A reference guide and how-to book that no serious student of arranging should ever be without - comprehensive, practical and versatile. 2 CD's containing 100 tracks demonstrate solo and ensemble instrumental colours, textures and styles. The presentation is thorough and logical - basics first, specific components next, then advanced techniques for putting it all together. Includes chapters on special purpose instruments, making MIDI work for you, and the symphonic band.

430-page hard bound book, 2 CDs


An extended private lesson in arranging with Sammy Nestico! Very clearly written, it speaks to the student preparing to write a first arrangement about fundamentals and to the advanced/professional writer about vocal accompanying, woodwind writing, scoring for strings and harp, and much more. I have never read a more insightful book on jazz arranging – Gary Lindsay, Director of Studio/Jazz Writing, University of Miami