Sam A. Brown: Self-Hypnosis For Musicians CD (3rd Edition)

Sam A. Brown: Self-Hypnosis For Musicians CD (3rd Edition)

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This CD really does work and my advice is to ANY musician who wants to improve their practice, concentration, playing skills and self-confidence is to GET THIS CD now! - L.K., Arizona

I don't really know how it's worked, but it has, and well. I now have the confidence to do free jazz improv on piano, and my sightreading levels have gone thru the roof, all my music has improved so much, and I've been in the trade as teacher and performer for 40 years. - B.B., England

A NEW and IMPROVED self-help CD program to unlock your true potential. Do you wish you were able to :

* perform music confidently?
* sight read accurately and more fluently?
* improvise effortlessly?
* develop perfect pitch and a strong sense of rhythm?
* practise music more effectively?
* perform like your idols?

Listen to the Sam to hear more about the course:

The CD consists of eleven separate tracks with which you can custom-build your own self hypnosis session using your CD player's programming facility. A concise easy-to-use self help programme which will help you realise your own potential. Using the latest psychological techniques, learn to practise ten times more effectively; concentrate effortlessly; sight read more fluently; boost creativity in composition and improvisation; develop perfect memory; achieve super confidence; banish stage fright once and for all. Use the CD to combat stress, give yourself the ultimate pre-gig pep talk, and develop possibilities on your instrument previously only dreamed of! Top athletes and sportsmen use these psychological techniques, so why don?™t you?

Ultra-subtle ?˜Binaural Beat??technology encoded into background makes trance easy! No annoying ?˜sea-wash??effects! Latest advances in NLP-based hypnotic language make deep and lasting changes effortless.

TRACK puts you in control of how deep you go into hypnosis! Use this technique anytime and enjoy profoundly deep relaxation - even without the CD!

Track ONE is the induction which soothes you into a deeply chilled-out state, not unlike a daydream. Then you can choose from a selection of topics:
Reading Creativity
Pre-Performance pep-talk
Rhythm & timekeeping
Pitch & tuning
Visualisation, AND MORE!

CD, 80 mins

Still unsure? Read more customer testimonials below:

I was astonished at the vein of confidence that ran through me. I have tried many things to combat nerves -propranolol, NLP, timelines, alcohol etc. but I found your hypnosis tape the most effective. - Nick S

The results have been outstanding! In addition to the music side, I am now a much more relaxed person overall, and very rarely get stressed. - D.S.

My playing technique had improved overnight! It was stronger, more authoritative, more expressive and I was playing longer than I normally do. - M.P.