Ronan Guilfoyle: Creative Rhythmic Concepts For Jazz Improvisation

Ronan Guilfoyle: Creative Rhythmic Concepts For Jazz Improvisation

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This book and CD is the first of its kind to focus on the most recent developments in jazz rhythmic techniques. Intended for use by all instruments, it shows how you can develop a sophisticated rhythmic technique and use this in a jazz context.

The following areas are examined in depth: creative subdivision; metric modulation; odd metres. Each area is carefully explained and suggestions made as to how to develop one's own ideas in these areas. The following areas are also discussed: Bulgarian music; South Indian Tala system; multiple subdivision; polyrhythms; odd metre polyrhythms; odd metre metric modulation. Laid out in a very clear manner, the techniques are illustrated on the CD with over 50 examples. The book features six original compositions that illustrate various rhythmic techniques and the CD can also be used as a play-along recording.

Bk/CD, 73 pages

"Ronan's book is quite possibly the best on the use of rhythm in improvised music. Rhythm is the least explored frontier of music, and this book goes well beyond exisiting books on the subject. Ronan's explanation of metric modulation is the clearest and best I've ever seen. Great book." - Mark Levine.

"Ronan's treatise is the first clear explanation of the more recent rhythmic developments in contemporary jazz. Most importantly, it provides specific exercises for practising those techniques. It is concise and to the point. This is a must for artists trying to expand their rhythmic vocabulary." - David Liebman