Rockschool: Guitar Grade 2

Rockschool: Guitar Grade 2

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Rockschool Guitar Grade 2 pack includes full notation and TAB plus backing tracks on a CD featuring top musicians. Students are encouraged to be creative with the Rockschool tunes - so feel free to improvise and adapt them to suit your playing style and musical approach.

Grade 2 - in this grade you are beginning to acquire a range of physical and expressive techniques, including palm muting and the use of double stops on adjacent strings, simple legato and staccato and slides, as well as simple dynamics. In this grade you will also begin to work on your stylistic appreciation. Features:

* guitar notation explained
* sheet music for: Fake Tortoise, Jet Black Camel, Martha's Park, Night Bus, Blue Phones, Glitter Ballz
* technical exercises
* the grade exam and performance certificate entry form
* instructions on how to enter Rockschool exams
* plus sightreading, ear tests and general musicianship questions.

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Bk/CD, 18 pages

Rockschool is about playing the styles of music you enjoy. The specially written tunes develop the key skills, styles and techniques you need so you can play the hits of yesterday, today and tomorrow.