Roberta Radley: The 'Real Easy' Ear Training Book

Roberta Radley: The 'Real Easy' Ear Training Book

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All great musicians have one thing in common - to a large extent, they know what the harmony of songs is as the chords go by. Do you? If not, here's a practical guide to get you up to speed!

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- For all musicians, regardless of instrument or experience, this is the most comprehensive book on "hearing the changes" ever published!
- Using musical examples from all contemporary genres (pop, rock, jazz, Latin, etc.), Prof. Radley shows how to apply the harmonic ear training exercises in the book to your own musical needs.

- Step-by-step you will learn how to:

   * Use the solfege system to make the connections between what you see, hear and sing
   * Hear the bass (root movement) in a major key
   * Identify major and minor diatonic triads
   * Learn how the melody provides harmonic clues for determining the changes
   * Identify 7th chords, minor key harmony, non-diatonic chord patterns, and much more!
   * Immediately begin recognizing popular chord progressions by using practice routines based on hundreds of dictation and transcription exercises drawn from more than 150 well-known songs.

Bk/2CDs, 168 pages

I highly recommend this book to all who are seriously interested in improving all aspects of eartraining - Walter Beasley, contemporary jazz artist, Berklee Professor

Roberta's book is a valuable tool for hearing changes---she is thorough and methodical, leading the student through the path of hearing harmony and chord progressions. - Luciana Souza, Grammy-award winning singer and composer from Brasil.