Randy Vincent: Jazz Guitar Voicings Vol. 1 - The Drop 2 Book

Randy Vincent: Jazz Guitar Voicings Vol. 1 - The Drop 2 Book

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Ever wondered how guitarists like Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery and Jim Hall find such full, lush voicings?
Well, much of that sound is based on the Drop 2 principle. In this brand new title, acclaimed player and teacher Randy Vincent explains exactly how you can get that same sound too.

The book includes:

- All the basic principles of drop 2 melody harmonisation, including passing tones and extension tones, as well as basic chord tones
- Practical, guitar-friendly methods for creating hip, modern sounds by "tweaking" the basic drop 2 voicings
- Clear methods for soloing and comping in drop 2
- An organized practice routine, including fingerboard diagrams as well as standard notation, to fully develop all of the above, with a minimum of theory.

The Drop 2 book covers this essential material in a clear, concise way and is accompanied by 2 CDs of the author demonstrating each exercise.

Book/2CDs, 65 pages


A very systematic and comprehensive book that will be of great value to all guitarists that want to develop and improve their chord melody playing. I might just use some of these tasty voicings myself! - Barry Finnerty

A very useful book of chord voicings. The material is well presented, and the wealth of material is placed in context to allow the serious student to absorb everything. I found Randy's book really helpful. I will use it as a reference myself, and will recommend it highly to all of my friends and students - John Stowell

This book is an invaluable aid to any guitarist who desires to look more deeply into the study of jazz harmony, with an emphasis on the most practical and commonly used voicing, the 'drop 2.' It’s clear that Randy has put his heart and soul into this great work, as it reflects so much musical wisdom - Larry Koonse