Randy Hunter: Complete Jazz Styles - Level 3 Jazz Etudes for Saxophone. OUT OF PRINT

Randy Hunter: Complete Jazz Styles - Level 3 Jazz Etudes for Saxophone. OUT OF PRINT

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Randy's Jazz Etudes for Saxophone are tailor made for the musician who wants to read and study great, accessible jazz melodies, that are totally in the tradition of jazz. They are fun and great for the ear. - Jerry Bergonzi, internationally recognized jazz performer, composer, author and educator.

Randy's tenor sax playing on the demo tracks is a real pleasure to listen to and is something to try to imitate. - Harri Rautiainen, founder / moderator of SOTW 'Sax On The Web' , the world's largest saxophone-discussion forum.

Complete Jazz Styles - Level 3 Jazz Etudes for Saxophone provides an in-depth exploration of six sets of standard jazz chord changes. Four challenging etudes are included for each progression. Text, describing the jazz theory and phrasing concepts used in each selection, serves as a useful jazz improvisation study guide. The Level Three studies are categorised as the first, second, third and fourth etudes in accordance with specific harmonic concepts. For example, One Blue Once, and the other first etudes, were created from the basic scales used to construct the chords in the progression. Two Blue Once, and the other second etudes, incorporate bebop chromaticism with the basic scales from the progression. The third etudes add diminished and lydian scale harmony to the mix. The fourth etudes add melodic minor harmony.

Listen to a sample from 'On First Street' and see the text and music below:


These jazz saxophone etudes are provided for both tenor and alto, with fast and slow (moderate) tempo play-along tracks. The versions are 100% compatible, and are provided on adjacent pages, making it possible for players of both instruments to practice and study together simultaneously. Demonstrations, using the fast tracks, are provided on tenor sax. For intermediate level players up (Grades 5-8).

Bk/CD, wire-bound, 71 pages