Pocket Tones: Electronic Chromatic Pitch Pipe in C

Pocket Tones: Electronic Chromatic Pitch Pipe in C

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Farley's Pocket Tones™ Electronic Chromatic pitch pipe in C is a handy, durable and compact device, which may be carried in your pocket or purse on your key chain, or it can fit conveniently in an instrument case for accurate tones whenever you need them.

Use Farley's Pocket Tones to develop excellent pitch recognition – it is the perfect answer for an immediate tone, and it fits right in your hand.

• 12 electronic notes with individual keys to tune your instrument.
• With volume control.
• Train your ear for the perfect pitch!
• Convenient key chain design.
• Durable, accurate and easy to use.
• Batteries included (3xAG13).

Chromatic-C Pocket Tone, including batteries and NEW! the Sendmemusic Ear-Training Tip Sheet for free - packed with new ways of developing your aural skills, using the Pocket Tones.