Phil DeGreg: Jazz Keyboard Harmony

Phil DeGreg: Jazz Keyboard Harmony

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This practical method has become one of the key instructional texts for the developing pianist. Filled with examples and exercises (with fingerings where necessary), it starts with simple theory and progresses step-by-step to inversions, progressions and more advanced concepts. The book places simple ‘shell’ and Bud Powell-style voicings at the beginning, which provides a good solid grounding that many pianists need to fall back on when sight-reading at speed.

Complete songs, written out for both hands, illustrate the use of the progressions, techniques and voicings just learned. The CD contains rhythm-section play along tracks for practice patterns and tunes, plus performances of rhythms, right-hand melodies and bass lines outlined in the book. This assists with learning voicings by ear, an important part of learning to play jazz.

Bk/CD, spiral-bound, 244 pages

BONUS MATERIAL FREE - for use with this book
The 7-page Jazz Keyboard Harmony Manual and over 30 MIDI files are available for free download here. The Manual shows the practice patterns (eg Major and Minor ii-V7-Is using various root movements) that can be used with the MIDI tracks provided. The MIDI can be used with Band in a Box software, so you can change keys and tempos at will!

Download the Jazz Keyboard Harmony Manual and MIDI files (16MB .zip file)