Peter Ponzol: Saxophone Workshop

Peter Ponzol: Saxophone Workshop

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Imagine someone who has worked as an international saxophonist, an educator, a technician, a consultant, and as a designer, and you can imagine Peter Ponzol. For the first time, Peter offers details from his famous "Saxophone Workshops."

Learn about:

• Maintenance
• Reeds
• Mouthpieces
• Ligatures
• Sound
• Flexibility

Here is a review by noted SOTW (SaxOnTheWeb) contributor Gary Kehaulani Sapp of the book:

The information in this book is right up SOTW’s [SaxOnTheWeb] alley, with answers regarding reeds, necks, mouthpieces, saxes, maintenance, and the like. I would assume that the number of redundant threads started could be reduced almost in half simply with a reading of this book and those owning it could refer back to it at their leisure, as needed. And there is enough info in this book which contradicts some of our SOTW urban legends to make an episode of MythBusters.

The book is a 61 page pocket reference booklet which, in addition to topics mentioned above, includes thoughts on ligatures, sound and flexibility. It is based on items of interest asked by attendees at workshops he has given over the years, hence the title. He begins by pointing out that at these workshops one of the first things he does is look at the condition of attendees' equipment with the observation that at least 90% of them need some kind of work and adjustments. What follows in the book’s 61 pages are recommendations generated by this observation.

Included are interesting comments such as: aging store-bought reeds by letting them sit for several years is fairly useless since the aging process stops once the bark has been cut away from the reed; not earth-shattering but interesting and certainly myth debunking.

Interesting thoughts follow regarding the future of natural cane reeds, or how to select and get the most from your reeds - things I wouldn’t think of like sanding the heel of your reed.

I would highly recommend it for beginners and intermediates, as well as for more advanced players to recommend to their students. It has made me re-think even some of my most basic assumptions regarding equipment and maintenance, which has made the read well worth it.
- Gary Kehaulani Sapp, SaxOnTheWeb forum contributor, October 16th 2008 (full review here)

Convenient pocket-sized book - 3.5" x 5.5", 61 pages