Peter Erskine: Everything Is Timekeeping (DVD)

Peter Erskine: Everything Is Timekeeping (DVD)

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This DVD is a compilation of two VHS instructional videos recorded by Pete Erskine called Everything Is Timekeeping and Timekeeping 2, with new material included (read on.)

In Part 1, Peter demonstrates and discusses his philosophy of the jazz ride pattern, ride cymbal technique, basic jazz independence and coordination, improvisation and composition on the drumset and more. The video provides a wealth of ideas and information plus incredible trio performances featuring John Abercrombie and Marc Johnson.

In Part 2, Peter continues to stress the importance of a good beat. He stretches out, improves and explores the possibilities to be found in straight eighth and sixteenth-note samba, calypso, reggae and Afro-Latin musics.

In addition, there are brand-new special features to this DVD version, including performances with vibraphonist Mike Mainieri, an extended lesson in brush-playing techniques, an in-depth interview, and a video montage. The DVD also includes PDF files of the booklets that accompanied the original releases. Throughout the DVD, Peter Erskine's instructional manner is relaxed, congenial, and clear.

Make this DVD part of your drum library and benefit from Erskine's vast experience into the art of drumming, music and life in general.

DVD, 240 minutes