Pete White: The Book of All Possible Scales (reprinting)

Pete White: The Book of All Possible Scales (reprinting)

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The Book of All Possible Scales by Pete White is the most comprehensive reference of all possible 3 to 11 note scales that can be composed from the western chromatic scale. All scale possibilities appear in grid-form, covering all 12 keys without duplication.

"Bearing in mind the wealth of music that the John Coltrane Quartet produced based on just one scale type, the works of Alexander Scriabin on a hexatonic and Oliver Messiaen's use of seven of the symmetric scales as the basis of his harmonic language, some idea of the scope of the material will, I hope, be evident." - Pete White, author

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The second section of the book examines several of the more unusual scales and suggests possibilities for their usage. The accompanying CD tracks of 'backings' and 'atmospheres' bring these examples to life and provide a lot of material for the inquisitive listener.

The ultimate reference for all musicians, composers and those interested in the diverse range of scale sounds, many of which are yet to be employed to create new and exciting music.

Spiral-bound book/CD, 135 pages