Mimi Fox: Jazz Anatomy (Truefire) - Standard DVD version

Mimi Fox: Jazz Anatomy (Truefire) - Standard DVD version

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Jazz Anatomy is a hands-on playing course that you can play on your DVD player that gets you up and running without tedious theory and exercises. In this first volume of Jazz Anatomy, Mimi presents five grooves and progressions that are common to thousands of tunes; Major Blues, Minor Blues, Modal, II V I Major and II V I Minor. Get a grip on these five forms and you'll be difficult to stump at the next jam.

Hear Mimi explain and perform from the CD on this audio clip:

Each form is covered across 8 video lessons, starting with basic concepts, lines and comps, and then progressing to more advanced material. All of the material is easily translated to any key and all solos and examples are transcribed for reference.

Jazz Anatomy is optimized for solid intermediate to early-advanced players and is presented across 2 DVDs, featuring 40 full-length video lessons.

The additional 'learning tools' (including text overviews, practice tracks, standard notation and interactive Power Tab so you can "see" and "hear" the tab and notation played out at any tempo) are downloaded via the Internet using a computer, with the unique PIN provided. Please note - no chord symbols are displayed during the Power Tab segments.

2 DVDs. Please note - you will need Internet access to download the 'learning tools.'

Tutor Mimi Fox is a phenomenal player, brilliant educator and top recording artist. Just Jazz Guitar hails her playing as "jazz guitar at its best" and she chairs the guitar department at the Jazz School in Berkeley. In short, Fox has all the chops.