Mike Tracy: Jazz Piano Voicings For The Non-Pianist

Mike Tracy: Jazz Piano Voicings For The Non-Pianist

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 Sendmemusic Recommendation: This book is an excellent reference that comprehensively presents useful piano voicings in all 12 keys. Although the title of the book states 'non-pianist' you will need to be able to read both bass and treble clef to fully use this book. No fingerings are given, instead the focus is on learning the degrees of the scale/chord itself, rather than developing piano playing ability.

This book shows how non-pianists can create good sounding piano voicings. Preliminary chapters introduce two-note then three-note and four-note voicings with major, minor and dominant qualities. #11, half-diminished, altered, suspended and fourth voicings are demonstrated along with the II-V7-I progression in major and minor keys.

The second part of the book sets out voicings for 68 standard jazz progressions and references the some of the volumes from the Jamey Aebersold Play Along series (including II-V7-I, blues and rhythm changes, and standard progressions).

Book, 145 pages