Michael Anthony: The Ultimate Map for Jazz Guitar

Michael Anthony: The Ultimate Map for Jazz Guitar

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The author Michael Anthony describes his book 'The Ultimate Map for Jazz Guitar' as:

"... an attempt to eliminate, or at the minimum decrease the frequency of such "deer in the headlights" sputters and stalls and the threat of getting lost when following a melodic line, a new thought, or a progression of chords. Think of this book then, as a map, a guide to the highways and byways of playing jazz guitar.

I intend it not merely to be a fret guide. My goal is to provide you with a compass, a kind of ultimate guide to discovering your way. With this "map" the hope is you'll have not only a complete but a very practical guide to assist you in navigating melodic ideas and chord changes at any point on the fingerboard.

The overall objective is to add maximum manual fluency and increase creative inspiration for all guitarists, regardless of level of expertise."


The book includes notation, TAB and chords.


Book, 40 pages