Matthieu Brandt: Jump Blues (Truefire) - DVD-ROM version

Matthieu Brandt: Jump Blues (Truefire) - DVD-ROM version

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Jump Blues is presented as a methodology covering theory, comping, accompanist riffs, horn lines arranged for guitar, and several approaches for soloing drilling down on many approaches for opening up the neck for the scales, arps and riffs that are employed in swing and Jump Blues guitar. But what is the 'jump blues' style?

An up-tempo, jazz-tinged style of blues that first came to prominence in the mid- to late '40s ... earmarked by a driving rhythm, intensely shouted vocals, and honking tenor saxophone solos ??all of those very elements a precursor to rock & roll ... Jump blues was the bridge between the older styles of blues ??primarily those in a small band context ??and the big band jazz sound of the 1940s." - Cub Koda, Cult figure, rock & roll legend and music writer

Jump Blues ices the cake with 12 tasty solos, followed by in-depth analysis of several Jump Blues giants such as Brian Setzer, T-Bone Walker, Charlie Christian, Gatemouth Brown and Freddie King, all of whom have their own signature jump blues sound.

Sample video from the course (without the interactive player) - Freddie King:

Accompanying vocalists and soloists is a big part of the Jump Blues style and is as challenging and rewarding as soloing.
A sizable chunk of Jump Blues is dedicated to voicings, pulling off various rhythms and locking up with the rhythm section.

What's included?
  • A comprehensive overview with dozens of examples is presented laying out the groundwork for Jump Blues
  • Twelve full-chorus signature-style solos are presented, broken down and analyzed in depth
  • Dozens of essential horn lines and accompanist riffs, arranged for guitar, are presented and demonstrated

Who's it for?
All intermediate to advanced level guitarists.

What's included?
The complete 79 video lessons, text manual, practice rhythm tracks, tab, notation and Power Tab (so you can see, hear and play along with the tab and notation at any tempo, without change in pitch), presented in TrueFire's video lesson player features zoom, frame advance, looping and other instructional functions.

DVD-ROM, cross-platform compatible with Windows and Mac computers.

Dutch recording artist and top European guitar educator, Matthieu Brandt, spent the better part of the last decade examining Jump Blues in preparation for this TrueFire course. Brandt interviewed and studied with many of the originators to document the style and create TrueFire's Jump Blues syllabus.