Mark Stefani: Jazzed Blues (Truefire) - DVD-ROM version

Mark Stefani: Jazzed Blues (Truefire) - DVD-ROM version

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Jazzed Blues, a DVD-ROM interactive video course for Windows and Mac from Stefani, focuses solely on developing a vocabulary of versatile jazzed blues phrases for use as solo building blocks. The course is ideal for intermediate to advanced players.

Jazzed Blues includes 80 video lessons, text overviews, standard notation, interactive Power Tab and is presented in TrueFire’s multi-media video player for Windows and Mac, which features zoom, speed control, looping and other useful instructional functions.

Most players are comfortable soloing over a wide variety of blues grooves but freeze up when things get a bit jazzed – Jazzed Blues fixes that. Here's how it works …

+ The lessons are organized into sets of versatile jazzed blues phrases.
+ The phrases are demonstrated in context against various jam tracks across several jazzed blues feels.
+ Each phrase is broken down note-by-note with fingerings and technical tips to help players nail the phrase.
+ The video lessons also illustrate how to expand the phrase and then connect it to the other phrases to construct solos.
+ Each set features a jam track for students to practice soloing over using the phrases in that particular set.
+ A text description provides an overview of the phrase along with its technical characteristics.
+ Each phrase is charted in tablature as well as standard notation and also features an audio commentary from Mark Stefani.
+ Phrases are also presented in Power Tab – interactive tablature, which allows the student to see and hear the tab played out.

DVD-ROM, Windows and Mac compatible.