Mark McGee: Learn to Play Rhythm 'n Blues Saxophone (Bb Tenor)

Mark McGee: Learn to Play Rhythm 'n Blues Saxophone (Bb Tenor)

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At last ! Learn to Play Rhythm 'n Blues Saxophone for tenor saxophone blows away the technical mysteries that surround the famous sounds of honkers and bar-walkers such as Sam 'The Man' Taylor, Lee Allen and Red Prysock. Here for the first time, you get the answers to the question "How did they do that?", broken down into logical, easy-to-follow steps, that get results.

By the end of the book/CD, you'll have the knowledge to be able to play:

The Growl (which you can hear in the audio sample)
False Fingerings
The Great Shake
Chicken Sax
Screams, Pops. . . and much more.

Each topic is carefully explained. Can't read music ? Not a problem. Mark has devised his own very clear system that will have you playing these fun and exciting effects in no time. Colour plates make it easy to see the correct hand and lip positions and the text is very easy to read - just like being in your own masterclass with a pro saxophonist!

The accompanying CD is packed with examples and backing tracks of all the exercises in the book, so you can copy Mark as he demonstrates each one and then use the playalong tracks to perfect your own gutsy r'n b sound. Also includes a comprehensive 'Recommended Listening' list of big-name players, who you should definitely check out to fully enjoy this fun style of music.

Bk/CD, for tenor saxophone, 47 pages

Author Mark 'Deke' McGee became interested in the saxophone at the age of twelve, after hearing Bill Doggetts classic rhythm 'n' blues track Honky Tonk played by the legendary Clifford Scott. Over many years he was taught by one of Scotland's most sought after and respected private tutors, Alfie MacLean. From then on he began studying the sounds and stylings of all the great rhythm 'n' blues horn men, such as Red Prysock, Joe Houston, Sam the Man Taylor and the great Texas Tenor King Curtis.

At an early age he began working as a sideman recording and touring with numerous bands all over Europe and North America, opening up at Blues Festivals for headline acts such as Buddy Guy and Van Morrison. He has also shared the stage with legends Big Joe Turner and Chuck Berry's piano man, the great Johnnie Johnson.

Over the years he has crossed paths with many seasoned players and with their valuable input he has gained extensive knowledge of rhythm 'n' blues saxophone, once championed by the all time greats. Having used this style for many years, the numerous requests for information on this lost art have culminated in this book being written for tenor saxophone.

Mark also has a full schedule teaching tenor and alto saxophone to private pupils. He lives in Glasgow.