Mark Levine: The Jazz Theory Book

Mark Levine: The Jazz Theory Book

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The Jazz Theory Book is the definitive college level jazz theory textbook from the author of The Jazz Piano Book. According to Mark Levine:

"A great jazz solo consists of 1% magic and 99% stuff that is explainable, analysable, categorisable and doable. This book is mostly about the 99% stuff."

The book takes you from basic concepts such as chord construction and the II-V-I progression through scale theory, the blues, 'I've Got Rhythm' changes, slash chords, bebop and pentatonic scales, how to read a lead sheet and memorize tunes plus a study of reharmonization that's is practically a book in itself. A real best seller that deserves a place on every musicians' and teachers' bookshelf.

Part One - Theory of Chords and Scales
Basic Theory, Major Scale and the II-V-I Progression; Chord/Scale Theory (Major, Melodic Minor, Diminished and Whole-Tone Scale Harmony); How to Practice Scales; Slash Chords
Part Two - Improvisation - Playing the Changes
From Scales to Music; The Bebop Scales; Playing 'Outside'; Pentatonic Scales; The Blues; Rhythm Changes; Practice, Practice, Practice
Part Three - Reharmonization
Basic Reharmonization; Advanced Reharmonization; Coltrane Changes; Three Reharmonizations (Spring is Here x 2, Body and Soul)
Part Four - The Tunes
Song Form and Composition; Reading a Lead Sheet; Memorizing a Tune; Heads; Repetoire
Part Five - The Rest of It
Salsa and Latin Jazz; Loose Ends; Listen; Index

Spiral bound, 522 pages

"The best explanation of the mechanics of jazz, and the amazing depth of the content is matched by the care and accuracy of the presentation. An invaluable resource" - Bass Player Magazine

"A comprehensive compendium of jazz information" - Simon Purcell, Head of Jazz Studies at Trinity Music (UK)