Mark Levine: Jazz Piano Masterclass - The Drop 2 Book

Mark Levine: Jazz Piano Masterclass - The Drop 2 Book

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The 'Drop 2 Book' is the first and only publication to explore the 4-note, block-chord approach to jazz piano playing - as used by piano masters like Kenny Barron, McCoy Tyner, Barry Harris, Cedar Walton and Bill Evans.

What is a 'drop 2' voicing?
Drop voicings are formed by taking a close position voicing and dropping one of the notes down an octave. A drop 2 voicing is formed by dropping the second to the top note. Thus, for instance, a C7 chord in root position may be turned into a drop 2 voicing by dropping the G an octave, so you get (from the left) - G - C - E - Bb

World-renowned educator and pianist Mark Levine gives the reader an easy to understand, comprehensive, step-by-step, beginning to advanced Masterclass on this fascinating approach to voicing chords.

Listen to an audio sample of the tracks (recorded mono, not the quality of the CD):

Includes chapters on:
- The basic Drop 2 approach
- More advanced Drop 2 techniques
- Soloing and comping in Drop 2
- Techniques for practising Drop 2

Bk/CD, 68 pages

"Mark Levine is a wellspring of knowledge on modern jazz playing. Furthermore, his brilliant playing is proof that he knows what he is talking about." - Mulgrew Miller

"A must for any musician wanting to understand more fully the inner workings of jazz." - Alan Broadbent

"This is the meat and potatoes of jazz piano playing. It will make you sound like a real jazz piano player in no time." - Jamey Aebersold