Louis Vause & Seamus Beaghen: Boogie and Blues Piano - The All New Beginner's Guide (DVD)

Louis Vause & Seamus Beaghen: Boogie and Blues Piano - The All New Beginner's Guide (DVD)

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Boogie & Blues Piano by Louis Vause and Seamus Beaghen is completely unlike other learn-to-play blues piano dvds out there - it injects humour and witty interludes into a comprehensive approach of how to play piano in the most recognised styles and important bluesmen, whilst basing the whole performance in and around the cultural heart of north London, Camden (one pub in particular).


Not only are they brilliant pianists in their own right, who have played with the likes of Desmond Dekker, Paul Weller and Graham Coxon, among others, but they are also both diamond geezers, who have a deep affinity for the Blues. - Jamie Hailstone, B&B Blues Matters


Both presenters are experienced pianists and educators. Louis explains most of the techniques, taken from his 20+ years of teaching piano, and Seamus shares his own classic riffs and useful tips along the way. In fact, it is the way the two work together that makes this a special opportunity too as you can learn as they teach each other how eg this bassline works and what the right hand is doing here etc, just as if you were sitting alongside asking the questions.

Preview of the DVD:

Louis begins by making it clear that coordinating left and right hands is the first challenge. He explains the situation (in his inimitable humourous way) and then breaks it down, providing you with a number of strategies to develop the coordination. And it’s this approach that continues throughout the dvd - here’s the topic, here it is broken down, now try these things slowly at first.

If you fancy getting in the groove, this zany duo will fire your enthusiasm. - Piano Professional, Autumn 2008

Topics covered include -

* the Blues scale
* Pine Top riffs
* Card Shuffle Boogie
* One Riff Blues
* New Orleans style
* Split Octave boogie
* Riff Directory - several different endings and intros
* Bass lines
* Jerry Lee Lewis style
* the fun of four hand piano playing

The dvd features a ’birds-eye view’ window of the keyboard along the bottom of the screen, so you can check fingerings and technique. The exercises and riffs are included in the booklet that accompanies the dvd too. Sendmemusic highly recommends this dvd to anyone who has basic piano skills and a passion for learning this hugely popular style of piano playing.

DVD/Booklet, 75 minutes, 24 pages

... with accessible and stylish presentation by Louis and Seamus, showing their individual approaches to the playing style and giving enough material ... to get you started with ease and confidence. Excellent stuff for the aspiring pianist. - David Etheridge, reviewed in Performing Magazine November 2009