London Suite No. 10: Bossa In Belgravia (Sheet music for big band)

London Suite No. 10: Bossa In Belgravia (Sheet music for big band)

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With an attractive lyrical theme over a bossa nova rhythm, this chart features a full brass and saxophone ensemble. In the second chorus the rhythm section switches from bossa nova to a tight swing feel. In the third chorus it alternates between bossa, swing and bossa.

Format: 17 piece big band (Conductor short score; 4 trumpets, 4 trombones; 2 alto sax, 2 tenor sax, 1 baritone sax; piano, piano/conductor, guitar, guitar/conductor; bass, drums)
Style: Bossa / swing /bossa
Grade: 4
Solos: None
Tempo: mm= 130
Duration: 4:37
Key: C major
Lead trumpet: concert B below top C
Lead trombone: B above middle C

Download free mp3: bossa_in_belgravia.mp3 (big band version) 2.5MB

This composition is also available as a separate arrangement for 8 piece jazz combo.

The London Suite is an exciting new series of 30 jazz ensemble charts, specially written for school and college jazz ensembles. The series is inspired by the contrasting scenes and locations of London and it draws on a broad range of styles, tempos and moods. Dave Tanner is one of London's top arrangers. He has specially designed this series for groups who want music that is fun to play and listen to, but also need charts that will challenge and develop the musical skills of the ensemble. Each composition in the London Suite series is available in two formats: 17 piece Big Band and 8 piece Jazz Combo.

For more information about the series and formats see the London Suite information page.