Lionel Grigson: A Charlie Parker Study Album

Lionel Grigson: A Charlie Parker Study Album

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Lionel Grigson presents 6 transcriptions of one of the world's most important figures in jazz history, alto saxophonist Charlie 'Bird' Parker, with analysis and biographical information.

The transcriptions are of Bird's single improvised lines and are written at concert pitch, with separate inserts that transpose the music for Bb and Eb instruments. Each is followed by a detailed analysis. 

Transcriptions include: Au Privave; Scrapple from the Apple; Moose the Mooche; Ornithology; Blues for Alice; Confirmation.

The "Selected Phrases" provides a handy compendium of typical Parker phrases, while the "Notes on Themes and Solos" shows in detail how those phrases are actually deployed in performance.

Grigson encourages students not simply to play through the transcribed solos as set pieces, but to "learn how to improvise by example" by breaking down Parker's music into its constituent parts and for this, blank stave paper is included for futher transcription work.

French and German translations are included of the analyses.


Book, 136 pages