Krzysztof Filipski: Steve Gadd Transcriptions

Krzysztof Filipski: Steve Gadd Transcriptions

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This 30-transcription book honours the talents of one of the significant drummers of all-time: Steve Gadd.

The book is divided into six sections: Biography of the man, Drum Key, Transcriptions #1-30, Selected Discography, Selected Videography, and Selected Articles.

The transcriptions reflect a variety of styles and are listed numerically, rather than referenced by the recording the transcription was taken from. Transcriptions include "Everything You Do" and "Honky Tonk / I Can't Stop Loving You" (Steve Gadd - The Gadd Gang), "Caribbean Nights" (Bob James - Touchdown), and "Roof Garden" (Al Jarreau - Breakin' Away). Some of the transcriptions are more 'interpretations' than 'note-for-note' by nature, which will encourage the eager student to search out the original Gadd recordings.

All of the music is printed clearly and in large fonts, with about 3 bars/measures to a stave. The book can be opened flat and pages easily turned because of the wire-binding.

This Mel Bay publication is suitable for a beginner-intermediate level drummer.


Book, 106 pages