Kenny Werner: Living Effortless Mastery (DVD)

Kenny Werner: Living Effortless Mastery (DVD)

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Living Effortless Mastery features noted pianist/author Kenny Werner presenting a clinic and two master class sessions. Kenny describes this as his 'second book' (referring to 'Effortless Mastery' also available as a DVD and also as a book & CD set ) in that it explores the subjects from this earlier work in greater depth. Viewers will be able to see how Kenny applies the principles in actual performance and hear how he trains his mind to bypass any obstacles from limiting his expression and enjoyment of music making, with particular emphasis on 'free jazz'.

Living Effortless Mastery Contents

The footage is from several dates: the IAJE “Free Jazz” clinic; Master Class at NYU on April 26, 2005; Master Class at NYU on April 29, 2005; and also includes two live performances: the Kenny Werner Trio – Live at the Blue Note; and Kenny Werner with the Brussels Jazz Orchestra.

DVD, 3 hours, 38 minutes