Kellie Santin: Creative Saxophone Workbook

Kellie Santin: Creative Saxophone Workbook

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Brilliant value, top quality advice! This is the next book to use after the Creative Saxophone method book and cd, because it builds on from the fundamental playing techniques introduced in it and takes you to the next stages. The example tracks and tunes are modern and aren't just swing - you've got rock, fusion, blues and pop happening here too.

Specific exercises strengthen your chops and fingers in no time - learn when to use the 4 different ways of playing Bb, get the 12 harmonic minor scales down. Just to prove you're not a beginner, get those sounds down over all 12 keys with the several progression tracks recorded on the CDs.

Features tremendous articulation exercises of swing tonguing and altissimo notes, with demos by Kellie for you to copy. Develop your high note playing, build vibrato - the end result? A really good sound on saxophone that you can call your own! This book shows you how achieve this, without the jargon or convoluted ramblings.

In no time you'll be thinking and hearing in different keys, playing along with the Cycle of Fifths tracks recorded on the CDs and playing through the ii-V-Is. There are four transcription exercises for you to have a go at too. The real danger here is getting out the door, what with the huge ears you'll have after using this book!

Clear, easy-to-read text and charts make things clear, with excellent opportunities to practise your new skills with tunes specially written for them. Includes two CDs (one for Eb, the other Bb) so that you can use the book with any horn, which is handy if you're a saxophone teacher or if your friend plays the same key saxophone too.

** Please note - the Bb CD (green) has demos performed by alto saxophone and are in the alto key. However the playalong tracks on the Bb CD are in the correct key for Bb saxophones.

Also available in the series: Creative Saxophone and Creative Saxophone Improvising

Bk/2CDs, 48 pages