Kellie Santin: Creative Saxophone

Kellie Santin: Creative Saxophone

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At the last count there are about 150 sax tutor Books out there, so why bother with this one? Because it teaches a lot about the saxophone and music in a fun, well-paced and modern manner. The book gets you up and playing but is mindful of important things needed to make a good sound on sax.

The accompanying CD is brilliant - 15 cool tunes - in a variety of styles (you're playing rock from track one) . . . Another great feature is that improvisation skills are developed, with heaps of help given by the authors . . . It is ideal for a sax teacher as well, because it's all there and both children and adult pupils wanting to learn will get into it . . . Highly recommended.

Also available in the series: Creative Saxophone Improvising and Creative Saxophone Workbook

Bk/CD, 72 pages