Karen Lane: SingSing Vocal Workouts CD 2 (Intermediate Singers)

Karen Lane: SingSing Vocal Workouts CD 2 (Intermediate Singers)

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Imagine being able to sing a wider range of notes, with more resonance in your voice, accurately in tune... now you can with SingSing!

What is SingSing?
SingSing is a new hip series of 3 CDs that provide a graded range of vocal exercises, set to groovy backing tracks, including Funk, Jazz World Music and Latin beats. Whether you're a beginner learning with a tutor or an X-Factor contestant, there's plenty here to keep you busy and improving for a long time!

Listen to a sample of Sing Sing CD 2 (For Intermediate singers):

How do I use them?
Use the exercises on the CD carefully and regularly and you'll gain huge improvements in range, accuracy and flexibility of the notes when you sing. These exercises will help you to build a solid foundation in the techniques of singing, that will really open up your sound to its full resonance AND most importantly, they're presented in a varied and fun way.

What's included?
The CD is also accompanied by a booklet with more explaination of how to perform the exercises. Use these with your vocal coach and you'll be ready for anything.

1. Breathing (rib reserve) - explores a more advanced breathing technique
2. Long Vowels - improving control of steady airflow and resonance
3. Dominant Scale - works on pitching accuracy and an awareness of the flattened 7th
4. Onsets - practising note onset (breathy, simultaneous, and glottal)
5. Major 7 vs Dominant 7 - flexibility and accuracy, comparing Major vs Dominant arpeggios
6. Dominant 9 Scale/Arpeggio - a swing feel developing aural awareness of guide tones in the chord
7. Minor 7 Arpeggios - moving in the cycle 4ths, shifting quickly across registers devleops flexibility
8. Arpeggios over a ll V l - develops pitching accuracy and awareness of II V I chord progression
9. Descending Intervals - agility and pitch control singing changing intervals
10. Inverted Arpeggios - further flexibility and exploring accuracy singing intervals
11. Fast 5 Note Scale - accuracy at speed, first with consonants + vowels, then with vowels
12. Arpeggio over Major and Dominant Chord- develops improved bridging between vocal registers
13. Octave Jumps and Minor Pentatonic - pitching a large interval, followed by a common lick
14. Chromatics - accurate pitching of semitones at a fast tempo

Why the Theory?
A little knowledge about intervals, scales, keys and chords can dramatically improve your accuracy when singing. Think of it as a shortcut to success. Making music fundamentals part of your repertoire will not only enhance your singing and listening skills, but will make communicating with musicians more effective. Using your ears, knowledge and vocal skills you can develop your resources to their full potential, and become an accomplished singer who musicians take seriously.

"How can I have top quality lessons from a professional vocal coach, that focus on the most important parts of singing, that I can refer back to again and again?"