John Stowell: Modern Chord Melody (Truefire)

John Stowell: Modern Chord Melody (Truefire)

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Modern Chord Melody takes the student beyond conventional harmony and chords by introducing a broader, more contemporary palette of voicings, shapes and single note ideas. Stowell beckons students to think out of the box, to create and visualize new shapes and sounds on the instrument. John also demonstrates a series of new inversions, which can be readily employed in accompaniments and compositions, and may also serve as templates on the neck to generate unusual and original sounding melodies and motifs.

Sample video from the course (without the interactive player), featuring the John performing the tune 'I Wish':

Students will play their way through Modern Chord Melody using Stowell?™s original tunes as a workbook for demonstrating the new techniques and sounds presented in the course. Each arrangement showcases key techniques and approaches in context, after which Stowell explains how to extract and apply the moves in your own playing, arrangements and compositions.

Who's it for?
Modern Chord Melody is not for the feint of heart. Much of the material in this course presents new approaches, voicings and techniques that will take serious practice time to absorb and master. Modern Chord Melody will reward the student?™s diligence with an impressive faculty for chord melody.

What's included?
The complete 40 video segments, chord charts, text commentary, tab, notation and Power Tab (so you can see, hear and play along with the tab and notation at any tempo, without change in pitch.)

2 CD-ROMs, cross-platform compatible with Windows and Mac computers

?œJohn Stowell plays jazz, but he doesn?™t use any of the clichés; he has an incredible originality. John is a master creator,??says Larry Coryell. Herb Ellis agrees saying that, ?œMore guitarists would play like John Stowell if they only knew how.??John Stowell?™s Modern Chord Melody reveals Stowell?™s original approach and raises the bar for lucid, insightful instruction for jazz chord melody and improvisation.