John McLaughlin: This Is The Way I Do It

John McLaughlin: This Is The Way I Do It

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John McLaughlin's 'magnum opus' on guitar improvisation - 12 comprehensive chapters packed with critical insights and deep analyses of John's sound and playing approaches.

Each chapter follows the same 5-part format - spoken introduction, demonstration on guitar, 2 further demonstrations with a 'virtual band', then an analysis of notes and chords played, closing with play along tracks. Additionally, there is also a collection of almost 100 personal musical phrases which relate to the various chapters and demonstrations.

The chapters in summary :

1. The Basic Modes
2. Rhythmic Development of Basic Modes + Introduction of the Major Pentatonic Scale
3. Modal Fluency Development + Phrasing
4. Introduction of Linear Triads + Scale Tone Chords
5. Symmetric Scale and Development of Fluency
6. Chromaticism
7. Harmonic Minor and its Harmonic Development
8. Melodic Minor and its Modal Development
9. Advanced Development of Melodic Minor and Introduction of the 2 :5 :1 Movement
10. Development of odd Time Signatures
11. Combination of odd Time Signatures and Harmonic Development
12. Advanced Harmonic Improvisation with odd and even Time Signatures

The demonstrations are easy to see and follow, with 3 simultaneous video shots (left hand, right hand, and the notation in sync) and multi angle views in CD quality sound.

Notation and tab pdfs for each chapter are available as a free download from Mediastarz.

3 DVDs, English/German PAL version, 3 hours 40 minutes.