John Elliott: Insights In Jazz

John Elliott: Insights In Jazz

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Learn how to memorise chord progressions and play them in any key. Consolidate your knowledge of the most important harmonic patterns that jazz standards are based on so that you can quickly remember the changes.

For the jazz student faced with the challenge of how to learn a basic jazz repertoire, Insights In Jazz makes a powerful promise. By focussing on learning just 20 small harmonic ‘bricks’ and 5 ‘joins’ you can cover the basic material required to play most of the 238 commonly played jazz standards analysed in Insights of Jazz.

The author suggests a possible order of learning ‘bricks’ and related concepts, based on the frequency in which they occur in the songs analysed. This helps you to build your repertoire from the ground up in a way that maximises results.

Good players can play hundreds of tunes from memory in any key. They do this by breaking song forms into smaller harmonic patterns that are easier to memorise. Once you know a few building blocks, memorising and transposing tunes is much easier because the same figures keep recurring in different songs.

The CD features audio examples of 55 must know harmonic patterns, plus reliable chord changes and colour coded roadmaps for 238 of the most commonly played jazz standards in pdf format, from Ain’t Misbehavin’ to You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To.

Being able to remember your repertoire is a crucial step towards becoming a successful musican. Insights In Jazz shows you how it can be done and will help you build a substantial repertoire the quick way.

Here is an example roadmap from page 4 of the book:


Example roadmap from Insights in Jazz by John Elliott

 Your ‘observations’ are tremendous! Just what I always hoped would happen, taking Harmony with LEGO bricks to the next level and opening up possibilities, without losing sight of the essential thing of remembering songs without effort-  Conrad Cork, author of Harmony with LEGO® Bricks

Please note - Insights in Jazz is not aimed at beginners, but at intermediate level players and composers working on developing a substantial repertoire of tunes who are already familiar with some song forms and structures (eg 32-bar AABA, 12-bar blues.) If you are new to the LEGO bricks concept you should buy Conrad Cork's Harmony with LEGO bricks.

Comb bound book/CD (55 CD audio tracks and 200-page roadmap pdf), 68 pages