Jerry Coker: The Creative Nudge

Jerry Coker: The Creative Nudge

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Why do musicians choose Jazz Improvisation as an outlet for creativity? Why are we creating this music and who are we creating it for? All you need is a little information.

'The Creative Nudge' explores the "hows, whats, and whys" of practice, performance, technique, and musicianship. Sometimes, it only takes a "nudge" to move your playing to the next level claims the author.

Master Jazz Educator Jerry Coker has put together this wonderfully structured text summarizing several important topics regarding Jazz and Jazz Improvisation; giving us all that much needed "nudge."

Covers topics such as:

Jazz Study Preparation
Achieving Maximum Results
Instrumental Techniques and Tone
Scales and Keyboard Activities
Listening and Ear Training
Teaching Jazz
Repertoire... and much more!

6"x9" paperback, 64 pages