Jerry Coker: Elements of the Jazz Language

Jerry Coker: Elements of the Jazz Language

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Learn how to play jazz and bebop!

This concise book focuses on 14 elements that crop up time and time again in jazz improvisations, with specific examples taken from famous jazz tunes that you can hear played on the accompanying CD. Jerry Coker then explains how to to practice them and to "make them your own".

Elements include: change running, digital and scalar patterns, 7-3 and 3 to b9 resolutions, harmonic generalization, enclosure, sequence, bar-line shifts, side-slipping and more. The CD also includes 30 chord progressions for play-along practice. For any jazz musician who reads treble clef - if you haven't got a copy, you're missing alot.

Spiral-bound book and CD, 142 pages

Jerry Coker makes up the 'C' of the ABCs of jazz education (Aebersold Baker Coker). His books have changed the way people learn and practise jazz for decades. He knows how to explain and rationalise the theory behind jazz and has several publications available from Sendmemusic.