Jerry Bergonzi: Inside Improvisation 1 - Melodic Structures DVD

Jerry Bergonzi: Inside Improvisation 1 - Melodic Structures DVD

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Inside Improvisation - Melodic Structures DVD, is the first in a series of DVDs which describe a simple and pragmatic approach to improvisation. While focussing on the jazz idiom, the techniques discussed are applicable to many styles of music and all instruments, be it rock guitar, jazz saxophone, or the solos of the fusion keyboardist. The system presented in this volume offers a tangible pathway to inside the creative imagination by getting inside harmony, inside the changes. Rhythm section : Garry Dial - piano, Dave Santoro - bass, Alan Dawson - drums

PART 1 Section I: Four Note Groupings 1-5 Section II: Mixing Up Permutations Section III: Visualization Section V: Editing Section VI: Key Centers Section VII: Inversions

PART 2 Section IX: Four Note Groupings 5-9 Section X: Avoid Notes Section XI: Upper Structure Groupings 9-13 Section XII: Additional Groupings Section XIII: Mixing Groupings

Note: This DVD does not include Sections IV (The Creative Imagination) and VIII (Practice Exercises) of the book/CD set 'Inside Improvisation' of the same name.

DVD, 62 minutes