Jeff Harrington: Blues Improvisation Complete (Eb version)

Jeff Harrington: Blues Improvisation Complete (Eb version)

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Blues Improvisation Complete starts at the beginning with the blues scale and introduces short one bar ideas for use with the CD tracks. This approach will help you to build confidence as you'll be playing actual blues phrases (or 'licks') in time with a band in several styles (including bop, shuffle, latin and swing.)


From there you progress to building solos starting on the root and sixth of the blues scale. Once again the step-by-step instructions and practice tips will help you to quickly sound good. Also, you will begin to learn how the blues masters construct their classic riffs, so you can imitate these ideas in your own performances.


Next, 50 blues licks then help to expand your growing vocabulary before moving on to examining the traditional blues song forms, so that you'll be able to apply your vocabulary to an entire 12-bar tune. The method concludes with recommended recordings and tunes to further your study.


This book and CD set is ideal for beginner improvisers who play tenor or soprano saxophone, clarinet or trumpet, who want to build confidence and a solid theoretical foundation using blues scales on blues tunes.


Also available for Bb instruments (tenor or soprano saxophone, trumpet, clarinet etc.)


Book/CD, 124 pages


green quote image An easy-to-understand, comprehensive approach to using the blues scales in one's improvisation. A great learning tool not only for beginners, but also for more experienced players looking to expand their stylistic versatility. - Jerry Bergonzi, saxophonist (Dave Brubeck Ensemble, Mike Stern, John Scofield, John Abercrombie), Composer, Author, and Educator